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Standard Cleaning Procedures for the AR-15


Jul 15, 2022

Many shooters struggle with determining the best time to clean their AR-15. It would be astonishing to ask every owner you came across and get a diversity of answers. Even if the AR hasn’t been shot in, some people will insist on cleaning it every time they use it. Others, on the other hand, urge for preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Many people assume that cleaning a firearm that isn’t being used is unnecessary. It is not always easy to find the best answer.

Cleaning materials for AR-15s are necessary because they have a very significant financial investment. One of numerous tools available for this purpose is the CAT Outdoors M4 Tool. This amazingly useful tool will allow you to clean your AR-15 quickly and thoroughly. Ideal for last-minute projects or competitions. Following is an in-depth look at why cleaning your AR-15 is so crucial.

Considering the Carbon

Carbon buildup is one of the most typical problems you’ll have if you don’t clean your AR-15 on a regular basis. Carbon residue from your AR-15’s bullets will begin to accumulate around the weapon’s primary components after a period. Just a few examples include the firing control group, bore and chamber, and bolt assembly.

Cleaning these regions at least once a month will maintain them in good shape. Rust can also accumulate inside the barrel, causing damage to the finish and impairing accuracy and bullet trajectory.

Keep your rifle clean at all times, and deep clean it once a month to ensure that all debris has been removed from the entire firearm.

My Gun Needs Cleaning

As previously indicated, posing this topic may elicit a wide range of responses. Is the answer that no tried and tested solution exists? It all depends on how frequently, routinely, and under what circumstances you use the weapon.

Cleaning your firearm after each use is essential since moisture and condensation can damage it in humid environments. If you only use your gun for target practice and live somewhere dry, you won’t have to clean it as frequently.

Cleaning your AR-15 once a month is recommended in most cases. You can count on it to be there when you need it. Experts recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a year if you have the opportunity. Again, this is greatly reliant on the context in which it will be used.

It’s fine if you wish to clean more frequently. There’s no danger in cleaning the firearm more frequently. In fact, it may make it easier for you to become acquainted with the internal workings of the AR-15. It is safe to say that this information is not hazardous. Although it is not the sole reason to fully clean your handgun, the removal of carbon can have a considerable impact on its performance.

If you need a great and comprehensive list of gun cleaning supplies for your new weapon, check out CAT outdoors for the highest quality tools to help you take care of your AR-15.

Weapons Security

Gun safety is the proper way to handle, store, and utilize a handgun. Firearm accidents and injuries can be reduced if correct gun handling practices are utilized on a regular basis. Never squeeze the trigger unless you’re completely ready to shoot. Aim your muzzle in a safe direction at all times. Here are four tips to keep your firearms safe. Always keep an eye on the horizon.

Make sure the muzzle of a firearm is pointing in a safe direction when handling it. In order to achieve this, you must also never point the rifle towards something you would not shoot at. A moving object should be avoided as well. Act only if you are completely prepared to do so. As a precaution against unintentional releases When not in use, make sure the weapon is empty. As a result, both illicit and inadvertent use have decreased significantly.

When not in use, a handgun should be stored in a secure location that only the owner has access to. It is critical to understand both your goal and the surrounding area. You can’t fire anything other than what you intend to shoot at if you don’t know what’s beyond the target.

Anyone who handles a firearm, whether the owner or the user, should always prioritize safety. Follow the four gun safety rules if you wish to avoid gun accidents or injuries.

Is It Possible To Tell If A Firearm Is Loaded?

The best way to tell if a weapon has ammo is to inspect the chamber. Make sure the cannon is pointed in a safe direction before firing. After removing the magazine, open the action. To be safe, presume the pistol is loaded and take the required safeguards if you see it shooting. Even if the gun is empty, you should approach with extreme caution. When handling a gun, always treat it as if it were loaded.

A Pistol’s Explosive Energy Burst

Finally, there is no weapon that is completely safe. Even if you don’t own a pistol, knowing how to disarm one in an emergency is essential. In the event of an accident or a criminal attack, this could save lives.

There are two methods for securely deactivating weapons. Before continuing, remove the pistol’s magazine. There will be no effect till the magazine is replaced. To begin, remove the firing pin from the gun’s firing pin socket and place it aside for the time being. The weapon is rendered inoperable until it is reloaded. If you’re unsure how to disarm a firearm, seek the advice of a trained professional. There are several formats for gun safety instruction.

How to Safely Use a Gun

In addition to the three safety rules that are in effect at all times, some additional care must be followed when handling guns. Always treat a weapon with extreme caution. Guns are not meant for children and should never be used by anyone under the age of 18.

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