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What Is The Ethernet Cable, And What Is It For?


Jul 22, 2021

In addition to intensifying the signal received by a computer, the ethernet cable provides a much more secure connection than WiFi when transmitting data from one computer to another. But going back to the quality of the signal, if you connect to the Internet through the ethernet cable, you will take advantage of one hundred percent of the bandwidth of the connection with the router and, in addition, you will avoid the interferences that occur with the WiFi and that harm the signal.

Although you will not enjoy that optimal connection wherever you want, you will only access this signal wherever there is an ethernet cable. The most common thing is that it is uncomfortable to deploy this cable throughout a house. Therefore, you will only be able to connect to it at specific points.

Due to this inconvenience with distances and it is not good to saturate the WiFi network with a multitude of devices, you should connect to the Internet via ethernet those devices with which you consistently access the Internet in the same place, or different places of your home or office but once you start using them, you never move with them.

What, then, are the devices for which the ethernet cable is recommended? Without a doubt, desktop computers, network hard drives, Smart TVs, and printers in which you have the option to configure the network connection.

It is essential to choose a suitable ethernet cable for a better connection and industrial solutions. You will not need the same type of cable for ADSL as for Fiber Optic. Ethernet cables are divided into different categories called 5, 5e, 6, and 6a. If your connection is ADSL at 30 Mbps, a category 5 cable will offer you the highest speed; however, in Fiber Optic at 300 Mbps; you will have to have a more powerful category 5e cable, even if you use the Internet to work. You need to have an optimal connection; it is best to get a type 6 cable.


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